quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

Só porque eu sou boa pessoa...

Vim cá deixar-vos umas frases para meditação. Pronto, não é bem para meditação. É mais reflexão. Ou adoração. Ou identificação. Bem, adiante. Eu tinha de arranjar uma maneira de parecer que não ía falar da Emilie Autumn outra vez.

Bem, então aqui ficam frases que retirei de entrevistas dela (ainda vou a meio na leitura da minha recolha de entrevistas dela, por isso, é natural que daqui a algum tempo vos volte a cheringar com isto). Se não se maravilharem, não sei que vos faça. Vão para o asilo HAHAHAHAHA (e agora só eu e mais dois ou três Plague Rats é que apanharam a piada)!


«I perform with the intent to perform, and I think people appreciate that. I'm not shy. I adore being on stage, and it shows. When I'm on stage, I represent a sort of spirit rather than a person or a human or a woman. »

«I don’t need an outside person to come along and say, “This is your vision for the show. This is what it should be."»

«I’m sure that you can imagine nothing is as glamorous as it seems like it is from the outside. …you don’t know how long it’s been since I washed my corset. It’s an amazing thing. The Bloody Crumpets and I do experiments on like, “How bad can we possibly smell?

«I could be working at McDonald’s. And I’m not. And that’s big f**king deal for a musician, because it’s the top one percent that will ever be able to say that. So, I realize right now how lucky I am – even when things are incredibly, excruciatingly difficult.»

« I had that pressure when I was sixteen and just becoming me. And, of course, then you’re an easy target for anybody who wants to exploit that. But now it’s really not, because everybody that I work with knows that it would be absolutely pointless to even talk to me about doing something that was different.»

«My advice to any artist, including myself, is every day I remind myself, “Never forget who the boss is.” And that’s you.»

«And what is hell? Hell is other people. And so that’s the idea. You start out with “misery loves company.” Then hell is other people. So it’s all these contradictions.»

«we’re really Gothic in the sense that there’s just some dark s**t going on but we don’t have to wear black to prove it. And so, it’s Goth in its real sense of Gothic architecture and Gothic art, Gothic thought, Gothic literature — not the Gothic fashion, necessarily, which, I think, is charming but it’s not what we are.»

«Everybody understands something that goes on here if they open up enough to really listen to it.»

«If you’re going to call me crazy, I’m going to make crazy awesome.»

«Nobody wants to talk about cutting yourself. Nobody wants to talk about suicide. Sexual abuse is somewhat acceptable because a lot of people do it. At least one of four women is raped. Those are the ones that report about it, that we know about, and I would know. That’s reality.»

Everybody’s got something to deal with. It’s just that I’m louder because I have a microphone. That’s all.»

«A Beethoven concerto can kick the ass of any of this shit that I’m singing. You know, no five minute song that I do is gonna compete with that.»

«The song I can die after writing, the song that makes me think should I even write anything anymore — not because it’s the best song in the world but because it says everything I ever need to say about anything — is “The Art Of Suicide”. That’s it, done, I’m out.»

«when you don’t give a fuck about who listens to it, then you tell the truth, and do something that’s actually real, and people always respect and respond to that. I have complete faith in audiences understanding and reacting to the truth when it’s presented like that.»

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